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Neighbors Helping Neighbors Food Drive

"Together We Create A Special Neighborhood!"

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Two decades ago, a group of families from our subdivision decided to do something charitable during the holidays. A monetary contribution was made to the The FOOD PANTRY Serving Waukesha County. When we arrived at the Food Pantry, the line was out the door and the parking lot was full. We all were touched by the sight. Since then, we expanded our team and efforts. Over the years, we collected $85,239 and 47.86 Tons of food from our neighborhood donations!

Way to go neighbors!!


A special thanks to all the businesses and organizations that have gone out of their way to help make our Food Drive a successful one.


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The Food Pantry of Waukesha served over 5,700+ clients last December. The need for help
continues and isn’t slowing down. The Food Pantry is accepting non-perishable food items,
non-food items, and monetary donations.

Tips to help your donation best meet the needs of our local food pantry

  • A donation of money is usually more valuable than a donation of food.
    • Donated money gives the pantry staff purchasing power to buy products in bulk at bulk discount prices. The staff can also purchase what is needed to provide a balanced, nutritional package to the families they serve. (Please send a check made payable to “The FOOD PANTRY Serving Waukesha County,” to Dave Rebro at 3212 Woodridge Lane. No cash will be accepted.)

  • Our local pantry is always in need of diapers or other non-food items to help families
    with infants and young children.

  Items that the food pantries will welcome as donations include:

  • meals in a can, such as stews and ravioli
  • canned soups
  • cereal
  • canned tuna or other canned meat
  • peanut butter
  • pasta, pasta sauces
  • canned fruit
  • macaroni and cheese mix
  • disposable diapers and baby formula (heavy need for these items!)
  • hygiene products – soap, shampoo, tooth paste, tooth brushes, dental floss,

    *You can learn more about the The FOOD PANTRY Serving Waukesha County needs by clicking here.